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We help our clients plan processes, organize digital and physical data spaces, evaluate bids in the bidding process, and conduct parallel contract negotiations with selected bidders. The following tables contain definitions of objects, including the name of the item, whether or not it is required in the auction requirement or bid response requirement, the equivalent in our authorized buyer auction program and some implementation details. We advise you from the buyer`s or seller`s point of view, even in complex tendering procedures (also as part of participation in international consortia). Auction Protocol Note for Authorized Buyers in Real Time: Geolocation data is limited by the same restrictions that apply to the Hyperlocal “Authorized Buyers” object. Not all requirements have this information and the lat/lon represents a point (not necessarily the centre) of an area whose size is inversely proportional to the density of the population. It`s good enough for targeting, but not for individual tracking. This item describes the nature and behaviour of the entity, which is the source of the pre-trade auction requirement. The main purpose of this purpose is to define decisions made after the auction or previous decisions where the Stock Exchange itself does not control the final decision. Header offers are a common example, but they can also be applied to upstream server values such as another RTB exchange, an intermediation platform or an advertising server, combining direct campaigns and third-party demand for decision-making.

This object is the object of precept of the higher level (i.e. the outside object without a name JSON). The id attribute is a reflection of the ID of query queries for logging purposes. Similarly, bidid is an optional response tracking identifier for bidders. If indicated, it can be included in the profit alert call below if the bidder wins. You need at least one seat with at least one offer for an impression. Other attributes are optional. To express a no-bid, return an empty answer with HTTP 204. If the offeror wishes to provide the Stock Exchange with a reason not to be challenged, a single BidResponse object with a cause code in the nbr attribute is returned. For up-to-date information on tenders, expressions of interest and tendering procedures, or to download tender documents for registered bidders, click on the link below. If the starting price of a lot is 100 euros, you offer 200 euros and there is no other bidder, you indicate the shareholder and exit agreements in case of partial privatization. The presence of banner, video or native objects subordinate to the Imp object indicates the nature of the offer.

The publisher can choose such a type, which is the typical case, or mix it at its sole discretion. Each offer given for printing must match one of the types on offer. AUCTION_PACKAGE – 4; The agreement ID is an identifier for an Open Auction inventory collection that corresponds to a certain set of targeting criteria. More information can be found in this article. The native subcommittee has developed an accompanying specification of OpenRTB, the native adative specification. It defines the requirement parameters and the response structure of system display units. The clients they refer to must be coordinated between bidders and exchanges.

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