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§ Prohibition of “no pets” clauses in rental contracts. [footnote 22] Domestic violence: The law provides that a person having an intimate personal, family or informal custodial relationship with a tenant may apply to a court for an order for recognition of tenant or rating to be made in accordance with the rental agreement if the person is a victim of domestic violence (§245). The person may also apply to a court for a dismissal order or injunction if the person has been a victim of domestic violence (see 321, 323). When making the order, the court must consider the application for an injunction for domestic violence and whether or not it comes into force (see 344). Other stakeholders also support the lifting of certain restrictions. Victoria Legal Aid (2016) Regulation of real estate conditions in the rental market: deposit during the revision of the Residential Tenancies Act, Melbourne, Victoria Legal Aid. Pets: The law does not expressly mention pets, except that a housing rental agreement may contain a provision requiring professional carpet cleaning if the landlord has authorized the tenant to keep an animal on site (see 19(3)). Additional clauses that may be included with regard to pets are mentioned in the regulation (Sch 1, cls 43-45). § rent, loans and other fees that have considered how the law assists landlords and tenants in managing the costs of a housing rental agreement; [footnote 10] [footnote 35] See for example J. Hair & B. Arrow (2017) « Victorian tenants given right to have a pet under sweeping changes to rental laws », ABC News, 8 octobre; E. Webb (2016) « Dickensian approach to residential tenants lingers in Australian law », The Conversation, 13 septembre; (2016) « Les partisans du bien-être demandent la fin des « locations louches » de Victoria », ABC News, 2 septembre; et B.

Fernandez (2018) « Tenancy law reform urgent required to help domestic and family violence victims », ABC News, 6 janvier. § regulate the conditions of real estate in the rental market, which deals with the state in which a rented property must be held under the law and the standards that the property must meet; [footnote 13] and beyond, the Bill aims to implement the reforms recommended by the Victorian Law Reform Commission regarding the photography of leased premises (cl 77) and to implement the recommendations of the Royal Commission in Family Violence concerning the termination of rental agreements in cases of domestic violence (cl 236, under 3). . . .

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