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A contract supplement should be used if you need to make minor changes to a contract or agreement. In general, this is the case when a contract term does not work as intended and needs to be adapted, for example. B a simple change of date or if you need to add or remove a clause. A description of the subject matter of the original contract should also be included in the annex to the contract, including the date on which the contract was signed. Once you have completed the draft addendum, both parties will need to check it jointly to ensure consistency and consistency. Next, you need to sign the addendum, insert your title and enter the date you signed. Also, make sure everyone agrees on when the endorsement will come into effect. As already mentioned, this should be expressly stated in the Addendum. If the endorsement will not come into effect until later, be sure to identify it as such. If the amendment enters into force immediately, a sentence should be written indicating that the amendment enters into force on the day of signature of the agreement. It is also useful to have the agreement signed by a notary, which promotes its legality and validity. TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the agreement of the parties to modify their obligations arising from the existing contract and other valuable considerations whose maintenance and suitability are confirmed, the parties undertake to respect, respect and honor the following commitments, conditions and agreements: Download this free model contract in word document form in order to modify an existing contract between two parties. A contact supplement is a document used to make one or more changes to an existing contract or agreement without invalidating it.

A contract supplement is added to the initial contract or agreement as a separate document. If there is a major change affecting the overall structure and point of the contract, you may need to create a new document. For example, if the main terms of the contract change, for example. B if you move into a new suite in the same rented property. Instead of looking at all the possible changes to the existing contact (change of address, change in the amount of the deposit, etc.), it may be easier to create a new contract. There may well be situations where several grudges are written between the parties. If so, you should number each supplement, i.e. Addendum No. 1, Supplement No. 1.

2, etc. After signing, the amendment must be kept so that each party can use the amendment if necessary. They should also describe the addendum, paying particular attention to the clauses or provisions of the original contract that are rewritten in the addendum. You should insert redlines, strikeouts or simply describe the changes so that the provisions of the original treaty are no longer legally binding. . . .

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