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The company integrity agreement is co-ordated with a $20.25 million civil agreement reached by Sanford in October to clarify the false claims of the False Claims Act. The 36-page agreement is aimed at ensuring sanford`s participation in federal programs such as Medicare, the newspaper reports. Sanford will be on the terms of the agreement for five years. The 36-day agreement with the federal government requires Sanford to submit annual reports for the next five years, certifying that it complies with the agreement and federal laws. Sanford confirmed to Argus Leader the company integrity agreement and told the newspaper that the agreement contains compliance requirements that have already been implemented. Sanford Health will be required to hire an external auditor to oversee health system billing as part of an agreement with the federal government that preserves Sanford`s ability to continue to participate in Medicare and other federal programs. The agreement requires Sanford to have an independent compliance officer and a board of directors to include non-employees and non-executive members. The Board of Directors must meet at least quarterly to ensure that Sanford complies with the agreement and federal laws. “In particular, according to the agreement, training must address the unique responsibilities of members of the Public Health Commission, including risks, areas of surveillance and strategic approaches to monitoring a health agency.” Sanford is required to submit annual reports to the Office of Inspectors General for Health and Human Services on how programs are being followed.

Sanford faces heavy fines if it does not implement any aspects of the feed agreement. In a statement, Sanford confirmed that it had entered into the agreement and found that it contained compliance requirements that were already in place. “Kickbacks can compromise a doctor`s medical judgment, lead to unnecessary procedures and increase health care costs for all,” said Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt of the Justice Department`s Civil Division. “We will continue to hold health care providers to account if they violate rules that protect the integrity of federal health programs and the well-being of their beneficiaries.” “Sanford is confident that all the requirements of the company integrity agreement will be met in time,” the health system said.

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