Garrett Security - Canada

If we create an account for you that purports to require two or more signatures for items drawn from the account, you acknowledge that such provision is exclusively for your personal or internal control purposes and is not binding on us. We may pay money from your account if the check, item or other payment order has been signed by one of the persons authorized to register on the account. We will not be responsible for you if we do so. You can close your Schwab One® account at any time by telling us and stopping writing checks and using the Visa® card. We may, in our sole discretion, close your account or terminate all or part of the services provided under the Schwab One Account Agreement® at any time and for any reason. Closing an account or terminating services does not affect your obligations entered into prior to closure or termination, including the requirement to pay visas® transactions, cheques or other fees. Fees for certain services and accounts are usually set out in a pricing guide or pricing plan, such as. B.dem Charles Schwab Pricing Guide or any other price guide that Schwab may provide to your account (together the “pricing guides” and individually a “Pricing Guide”). . .


Radioworld Inc - Canadian Distributor of Garrett Security and Law Enforcement products