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6.3 Any individual recourse may be formed by individual staff (with representation of their accredited trade union representative) in accordance with the university`s appeal policy and procedure or other appropriate HR guidelines and procedures. 4.11 No period of leave is granted for trade union activities themselves constituted by trade union actions. (a) basic initial training, which is relevant to the duties of the accredited representative and must be approved by the Congress of Trade Unions (TUC) or the relevant accredited unions as soon as possible after the accreditation of the representative; 7.1 The parties to this agreement reserve the right to terminate it in writing within six months. Changes can be made with the agreement of the parties. The purpose of this letter is to obtain the union`s agreement on the organization`s request for de-accounting. 4.10 The final decision on the leave period for union duties and activities rests with the Director of Human Resources or the Delegate Representative. 3.3 The university, as an employer, and its recognized unions are working together to establish a university system of worker-to-worker relations that works at all levels within the organization, based on the main characteristics of cooperation, teamwork, transparency and mutual respect. 6.4 Any misinterpretation of the interpretation of this agreement should first be referred to the Director of Human Resources or the delegated representative and designated (and accredited) union representatives. 3.7 It is only for the purposes of individual representation that the university recognizes the right of individuals to be represented by an accredited union representative. Therefore, the university will not refuse to allow an individual officer to be represented by a union representative of a union other than the one referred to in point 2.1, provided that they are accredited in accordance with the CASA code of conduct and do not participate personally in the cases for which they represent the officer. 3.2 The spirit and intent of the agreement is to promote the best possible relationship between the university and its employees represented by its recognized unions and to create a consensual method of discussion, consultation and negotiation to that end.

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