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At Walden, we offer a diverse community of professionals the opportunity to transform themselves as scientists and practitioners to bring about positive social change. As a preceptor, we thank you for being an important part of our students` learning process through the on-site mentoring and mentoring you provide as part of their field experiences, and for working with us on our mission of positive social change. Students often report that the field experience was the culmination of their educational journey, and you make it possible. Free training opportunities. Preceptors receive free training opportunities. At the end of the term, receivers will receive an email directly from us, once all requirements have been met, with information on how to access the free training opportunities. Thank you again for your service and for providing a transformative experience for our students as they grow up as professionals ready to serve the common good. Welcome and thank you for agreeing to serve as a tutor to a nursing student at Walden University! Walden University now offers continuing education loans to preceptors. All approvals and variations for preceptorship applications will be emailed to the School Coordinator (unless otherwise stated). This status update will be sent 3-4 weeks after the application deadline. For applications, school coordinators submit a clinical application on behalf of the student by the following deadlines.

Due to the high number of applications that UCLA Health has received for each placement cycle, following all mandatory and required steps will maximize your potential for success. Internship assignments are determined by the availability of preceptors necessary to achieve course objectives and to comply with our student internship process and deadlines. We ask students and/or faculty not to contact UCLA staff to be potential preceptors and/or to secure the location of cohorts or observations. The placement is very competitive and we want to ensure a fair process for all the applications we receive at UCLA Health. All communications regarding student placement are between the school coordinator and the UCLA Health Center for Nursing Excellence. In order to apply for a placement, the school must currently have an active affiliation agreement. Any student training (for nursing schools) between UCLA Health Sciences and another institution requires an affiliation agreement. Job and internship notice especially for Walden students. Preceptors and websites may publish specific vacancy and practicum notices for Walden nursing students. For more information, see Welcome to the new College of Nursing Field Experience Preceptor Resources Page! We are very happy to be able to offer this area so that you can find information, forms, documents, etc., if necessary, in an area. Please click on the side navigation field to access a lot of useful information about the courses.

If you need more information that is not mentioned in this section, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Preceptor Resource Contact tab. We asked 4,000 supervisors, preceptors, cooperative teachers and key mentors of Walden students on site how we could thank them for working with a Walden student. Based on the feedback we have received, we offer our preceptors the following: Information about the possibilities of continuing education points will be sent after the end of the internship course.. .

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