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Dear Maggie, I have a family plan with Sprint. I have an iPhone 4S and three iPhone 4 on Sprint. We love phones, but Sprint`s 3G service is painfully slow. I now understand the importance of quality (speeds) versus quantity (unlimited). “We see these comments about Atlanta. And we`re let our customers know that they`ll see an improvement in coverage over time as we continue to introduce the service there. The July 16 announcement was intended to inform customers that Sprint has begun LTE deployment. We continue to add new websites every day. Coverage maps on are regularly updated to reflect the most recent view of coverage. It is also important to note that coverage maps are high-level estimates, and there are many variables that could affect coverage, including weather, buildings, geography, for example, that could affect coverage and service. “Service contracts are important for all companies that want to consolidate their business agreements. For service providers, a service contract secures your revenue streams and protects your liability.

For customers, a service contract ensures that they receive the right services at the right time. If you want to keep the phone number currently associated with your Sprint account, you won`t need to cancel your service until it`s ported to your new carrier. Instead, call Sprint Customer Service and ask for your account number and PIN or password. With this information, your new mobile operator can initiate a number transfer that automatically closes your existing account. I contacted Sprint to see if anyone could respond to your complaint and the complaints flooding sprint community bulletin boards with people in Atlanta complaining about the lack of 4G LTE services. Aside from a loan from a particularly generous customer service representative, there aren`t many ways not to pay for your monthly service. But if you`ve only recently signed up for Sprint and already want to move on due to issues like poor coverage, Sprint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can try not to pay these fees by telling them you didn`t get what you paid for, or by asking your new provider to pay them on your behalf, but you`re ultimately responsible for paying them. In fact, Sprint`s website this morning shows four ways for customers to buy a new phone: they can rent devices, pay for them in monthly installments, get a 24-month service contract, or pay the full price for the gadget.

For example, Sprint sells the 16GB iPhone 6s under a rental model ($26.39 per month), a payout model ($27.09 for 24 months), a contract model ($199.99 per two-year contract), and the total price for $649.99.

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