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Although most of his research and development colleagues considered Simon`s treatment by Applied Devices to be severe, the company`s zero-tolerance program received strong overall support from employees due to an incident that occurred just before Simon`s arrival. A visibly distraught middle-aged man had entered the lobby one afternoon, waving a gun and loudly demanding to see Doris Klemm, his wife, who worked in the cafeteria. The security guard on duty checked an emergency exit door upstairs that someone had walked through to access the roof for smoke. The frightened receptionist forwarded the man`s requests to the head of security, who called the Pueblo City SWAT team, who 20 minutes later found the attacker sitting on the floor, his head between his knees and looking exhausted and contrite. The gun next to him turned out to be unloaded. When providing grant funds under an agreement, the contractual partner (grant recipient) agrees to use the funds provided in accordance with the agreement. Any deviation may give rise to a response from the grantor. From our point of view, zero tolerance is neither a policy nor a program, but a practice. It is a question of determining a certain consequence (or range of consequences) for a particular violation and the consistent application of that consequence. In other words, in any disciplinary situation, if an action has a specific and unavoidable consequence, then zero tolerance is practiced. For example, possession of a knife at school results in a five-day suspension. If this act is always treated equally, zero tolerance is practiced. A deviation accordingly is not allowed.

Zero tolerance has recently been interpreted as a policy that provides for a suspension/expulsion consequence in response to violations of the Directive, i.e. absolute disciplinary results. We believe that zero tolerance is practised when there is the absolute inevisibility of a consequence, regardless of that consequence. [89] In short, simplicity, clarity and purity cannot be the overarching objectives of a system of standards and penalties. I`m not saying that a company as large and diverse as GE, for example, shouldn`t use six Sigma and other formulas. But even during production, each product has permitted amounts of adulteration. This is because the extra cost of the approach becomes too great as you approach perfection. As Applied Devices moves towards zero tolerance, the cost of stifling autonomy, motivation and creativity is becoming unacceptable. The obligations of organisations vis-à-vis Norway in cases where Norwegian funds may be involved are governed by agreements and continued in accordance with those agreements.

Typically, grant agreements include a definition of financial irregularities as any use of grant funds that is not in accordance with the agreement and/or approved implementation plans and budget, in addition to unacceptable practices such as corruption, embezzlement and nepotism. .

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